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"Oh, flames of purity, raze this corrupt city!"
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This page concerns a manga only topic. The topic of this page does not appear in the anime.

Inert caretaker, a climbing frame for children.

Caretakers are autonomous robots designed to keep peace when citizens are under martial law, and to defend against invaders in the event of the population being wiped out, or the surface rendered uninhabitable. Each Caretaker is individually numbered on the front of their dome.


Caretakers are seen to be capable of:

  • Discharging a lethal, high voltage electrical weapon on non-compliant citizens, or enemies.
  • Survive high impact blows, including automatic weaponry, and collisions with vehicles.
  • Become fully submerged without negative impact.

Caretakers are also seen to work in formation in order to:

  • Block escape of non-compliant citizens, or enemies.
  • Block off streets.
  • Crush speeding vehicles.


The Caretakers are released after Tetsuo Shima awakens Akira, in order to enact martial law in Neo-Tokyo.

A repurposed Caretaker is used by Colonel Shikishima to transport Kiyoko to Lady Miyako's Temple.

A repurposed Caretaker is mounted with a weapon, and used in the assault on the Olympic Stadium (it is not clear if this is the same Caretaker used to transport Kiyoko).