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Doctor Onishi (ドクター大西 Dokutā Ōnishi), usually known only as Doctor, is the head scientist of the secret psychic research project who also serves as the Colonel's scientific advisor. He belonged to the second generation of scientists overseeing the project after Akira killed the last. It is his curiosity and negligence for anyone's well-being that unlocks and nurtures Tetsuo's destructive power in the first place.

By investigating Tetsuo, he realises, that he has a similar power like Akira and, with the Colonel's permission, he proceeds in experimenting with him with the purpose of creating another one like Akira. he witnesses the awakening of Tetsuo's powers and realises that he has lost control over them.

The Colonel, however, also advises him to immediately terminate Tetsuo if he suspects his power of growing too much. However, he fails to, hoping that Tetsuo would hold the key to solving the original mystery surrounding Akira's powers, which made the Colonel extremely angry, when he found out about it. Still he sticks to him, when he is about to deal with Tetsuo later.

The Doctor witnesses Akira´s reawakening during this event and analyses it with his instruments. During his analysis he compares it with a new birth of the universe. He is killed when the vehicle he is in is crushed during the event.


  • The surname Onishi means "big, great" (大) (o) and "west" (西) (nishi).


  • In a mashup of the manga Akira with The Simpsons, the Doctors role is played by Nick Riviera