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Front of the school as appeared in the film. Notice the absurd amount of graffiti, especially "HOTEL"

The Eighth District Youth Vocational Training School is a reform school designed to train delinquent and criminal youths[1] in the eighth district of Neo-Tokyo. Unlike a normal vocational facility as it's referred to, the school is more similar to a juvenile detention center. It appears to be a rundown and dilapidated college building with graffiti on most of the walls[2] and loitering students scattered about. Member's of the Capsule gang, including Shotaro Kaneda[1], and Tetsuo Shima[3] were sent to this school by the officials to act as students. This establishment appears to be a single-sex school, with most of the attendees being male. In the film scenes showing what happens inside the school, most (in not all) of the students don't listen to their lectures and completely ignore it altogether.

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Like most detention centers, the school system practices corporal punishment. Misbehaving students (such as Kaneda and his friends) line up and one-by-one receive a single punch in the face by the "gym teacher" Mr. Takaba, even for even minor offenses.

The facility reflects the authoritarian society in which the characters live in. Any student who behaves right and works well will be deemed fit to re-enter society, while those who are not good enough will be shipped off to the asylum for the rest of their lives or be tried in a regular "adult" court.

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