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The Bar's Sign

Harukiya (春木屋) is a seedy, rundown bar. It is a frequent hangout of The Capsules[1][2]. It is located just off the Eastern Express Highway in District 17[3]. It is run by an unnamed bartender.


In the beginning, Yamagata finds Shotaro Kaneda at Harukiya.

After escaping from the military hospital a second time, Tetsuo arrives here to ask the barkeeper for drugs. The barkeeper light-heartedly points out that something is strange about him, but shrugs it off while mentioning that the drugs are costly. Shortly after, Kaisuke and Yamagata walk in to find the bar destroyed and the barkeeper dead, and Yamagata is also killed by the unstable Tetsuo during a confrontation.


Harukiya is visited several times by The Capsules in the opening chapters of the manga[2][4].

Kaneda and Kei seek refuge here when sought after by the military.[5]


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