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Joker (ジョーカー Jōkā) is the leader of the Clowns, a motorcycle gang made up of junkies and drug addicts. He wears clown face paint and often changes the pattern.


Joker takes part in a biker battle between the Clown gang, and the Capsules, facing off against Shotaro Kaneda. He flees when the police arrive at the scene.


Joker houses Tetsuo Shima after he escapes from hospital, and demonstrates his abilities. He is displaced as leader soon after. Joker participates, and is injured in the biker battle between the Clowns and the rest of Neo-Tokyo's biker gangs united against them.

At some point Joker is arrested, and and imprisoned in a rehabilitation centre. Kaisuke is later arrested and imprisoned in the same block. During the destruction of Neo-Tokyo by Akira, Joker becomes trapped under a fallen wall. Kaisuke came to his rescue, and they remained firm allies since.

After Akira destroyed Neo-Tokyo, Joker became an ally of Kaneda and vowed to fight Tetsuo.

He survives at the end of the story.


It is unknown if Joker survived, but considering that part of Neo-Tokyo was destroyed and the only characters to survive were Kaneda, Kei, Kaisuke and the Colonel, it is probable that he died too.