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"Oh, flames of purity, raze this corrupt city!"
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Kei (ケイ) is a member of the Resistance, which Mr. Nezu and Ryu, their leaders, are part of.


Kei's early life is never shown, but details were revealed in the book Poster & Graphic Akira and in unused scenes from the movie. Her father was a teacher, whose death by illness when she was five left her in the care of her brother, who was 14 years older than her. He was a student activist in the same group as his junior, Ryu. However, when she was 12 her brother was arrested under suspicion of being involved in an undisclosed incident, something comparable to the Mikawashima train crash. He was in prison for two years, during which time Kei was supported by donations from the activist group, organized by Ryu. Ultimately, her older brother died in prison under mysterious circumstances- the authorities claimed it was suicide, but it was suspected he was tortured. Perhaps influenced by this, at age 14 Kei left home and asked Ryu if she could join the Resistance.

As a member of the Resistance, Kei helped with the escape of Takashi. She was arrested shortly after that until Kaneda, who became infatuated with her, freed her with manipulation by him. She is grateful for what he did, but is also aware of his wish to connect with her.

After that, she leaves him and continued on with her activities in the Resistance. In time, however, she is aware of his relationship with Tetsuo and makes sure he becomes a member of the Resistance.

Later, it turns out that she also has psychic powers, which the psychic trio intend to use for their goals.

Through her, the trio fights against Tetsuo with no success, when he is about to discover Akira. When the Resistance is destroyed, she grows more closer to Kaneda and his gang and becomes really fond of them. She witnesses the return of Akira and the corresponding destruction of Neo Tokyo and ensures through her appearance that Kaneda survives it.

After that she, Kaneda and his friend go away from there.


  • The name Kei is written in katakana (ケイ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (慧, 圭, 慶 or 恵), it could possibly mean:
    • 慧 - "intelligent".
    • 圭 - "gemstone".
    • 慶 - "congratulate, celebrate".
    • 恵 - "favor, benefit".