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  Miyako, frequently referred to as Lady Miyako (ミヤコ様 Miyako-sama), was a former test subject known as "Designated #19" from the Project. She is the high priestess and leader of a temple in Neo-Tokyo and a major ally of Kaneda and Kei as the story progresses, who plays an important role in the final battle with Tetsuo Shima.


Much of Miyako's past remains a mystery, but sometime before the fall of the old Tokyo she was among the children taken in by the government to develop psychic powers for a secret project, most likely for militaristic and political purposes. While it is not known whether she is an official member of the Espers, it is likely she met them at some point, as she had psychic powers like them and was in the same group as them. She is one of the few children who survived Akira's first psychic explosion that destroyed the old Tokyo, and escaped the isolated lifestyle the government imposed on the Espers after Neo-Tokyo was established. With the help of her powers, she established a large religious following and became a popular Messiah-like figure for her followers.

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Miyako is a small old woman. On her hand she has the number 19. She wears glasses. Her appearance between the anime and the manga doesn't differ much. In the anime she wears brightly colored clothing.


Judging from the large amount of people following her, Miyako is a wise and charismatic leader who portrays herself as some kind of savior for Tokyo's people. Like Colonel Shikishima, she has the best interests for the public masses in mind; after Akira's second explosion, she is seen taking in a vast number of refugees devastated by the catastrophic event. She is also quite willing to put herself in danger if it'll protect her people, such as bravely standing down a group of intruders loyal to The Great Tokyo Empire despite the opposing forces bearing automatic weaponry.

Due to being a former test subject, Miyako knows quite a lot about what the government is doing and seeks to expose them for the effects their actions had on her. The struggle is currently at a tie, with the government also seeking to expose her for being a former experiment instead of a leader with divine powers; however, neither side is willing to make a move without suffering reprecussions of their own.


Miyako is gifted with the power of clairvoyance, which is similar to Kiyoko's precognition, but in Miyako's case, she is psychically able to know of present events without ever seeing or hearing about them. Miyako's clairvoyance serves as an accomodation for her blindness, since she is able to walk normally, despite her lack of sight.

In addition, she possesses telepathic and telekinetic abilities like the Espers. While not as powerful, they proved useful in battling Tetsuo, which helped shape the outcome of the battle between him and the opposing forces.



Lady Miyako in the anime.

Her role in the anime is drastically altered from her manga counterpart.

She is portrayed as a religious zealot prophesizing about Akira's return, holding secret meetings in public and having her followers paint Akira's name on sidewalks.

As Tetsuo starts his rampage across Neo-Tokyo to reach Akira, she spearheads the crowd behind her, believing Tetsuo to be the prophesized "Lord Akira" they have been waiting for. However, she is killed on the bridge to old Tokyo, when Tetsuo, in a fit of rage, destroys it, leaving her to slide down and most likely die from either drowning or the impact of the fall.

Her role as a former Esper is never estsblished; she lacks the number tattoo, and while she is aware of Akira's existence, her prophesized propaganda and her falsely thinking that Tetsuo is Akira suggests that she was no part of the original project and was possibly a fraud.

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