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The rifle, as wielded by Shotaro Kaneda.

The Laser Cannon is a direct energy weapon used by the Japanese military.

Its development was presumably spurred on by the need for more advanced weaponry during the World War III instead of the more conventional weaponry.

The rifle is powered by a large battery pack, which hangs at waist level from a shoulder strap on the user.


The rifle is used against Tetsuo as he attempts to cross a bridge connecting Neo-Tokyo to Old Tokyo, and the Olympic construction site. Tetsuo is shown to be able to bend the beams, so as to prevent them from hitting him. The beam is shown to easily slice through a human body.

Kaneda finds a rifle at a checkpoint on his way to confront Tetsuo. He uses this weapon heavily in his encounters with Tetsuo.


The rifle is found by Kei while she is under the control of the Espers. It is shown to be under development in a laboratory within the military hospital. It is used in a confrontation between Kaneda and Tetsuo in the Esper's nursery. It is shown to be more powerful than the version used in the anime, and is able to cut through solid concrete, and metal.

After the destruction of Neo-Tokyo, Joker, former leader of the Clowns, is shown to be in possession of a laser rifle. Kaneda utilises this weapon in his final confrontation with Tetsuo.


  • This weapon is not in any way or form ever referred to as an "ARASAKA HLR-12X Heavy Laser Rifle"; this is just a name give to it by a Cyberpunk 2020 fan-site for it's use within that game.