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"Oh, flames of purity, raze this corrupt city!"
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Nezu (根津) was a parliament member who is also the leader of the terrorist resistance movement against the government.


Nezu's early life was never shown in either the anime or the manga, but details were provided in an event timeline published in the book 'Poster & Graphic AKIRA'. Born in Chiba Prefecture as the third son of farmers, he got excellent grades growing up and later enrolled in law school. However, following the events of The Third World War, universities were forced to pause operation, and during this time he began to study life as a black marketeer, becoming familiar with the people of this underworld. Six years later, he was able to return to school, eventually passing the bar examination and becoming a lawyer.

It was only in his thirties that Nezu got involved in political circles, as well as learning about Lady Miyako and becoming one of her devoted followers. His double-dealing nature became evident as he separated under a new sect of Lady Miyako's religion, and simultaneously established a new political organization as its president— all while covertly backing anti-government activists. It is unclear whether he genuinely believes in Lady Miyako's ideals, or whether he is using his influence in the religion to his own selfish ends.


Mr. Nezu provides information to the rest of the resistance as an undercover mole. He provides the IDs required to gain access to the military hospital. Ryu tells him of Kaneda's involvement with their plans. Nezu describes Neo-Tokyo as a rotting, over-ripe fruit with a new seed of hope inside it. 

He can be seen at the meeting of the Supreme Executive Council smirking at the Colonel's frustration. 

Nezu later appears in his estate during the Colonel's coup d'état, with his aides burning several documents, presumably containing corrupt and scandalous information. The aides kill themselves as a tank breaks through the main gate, and Nezu stuffs as much money as he can into a suitcase. Ryu appears, bloodied and mortally wounded, and tells him that the hospital plan was a failure. Nezu, convinced that Ryu 'sold him out,' shoots him on the spot.

Mr. Nezu attempts to escape the military through an alleyway, dragging his suitcase along with him. He is horrified to see Ryu still following him, half-dead. The shock from this causes him to have a heart attack. He desperately attempts to take his medication, stuffing dozens of pills into his mouth, but is unable to swallow them and keels over, dead.    


He seems to be the mentor of Kei and Ryu and a follower of Lady Miyako and purports to be saving the nation from the corrupt and ineffective bureaucrats in power. It soon becomes evident, however, that Nezu is just as corrupt, and that all he seeks to do is to seize power for himself.

He later betrays Lady Miyako, as well as various other characters, as he attempts to take control of Akira. After losing Akira, he finds Ryu in a dark corridor with the boy in tow. He attempts to kill Ryu, thinking he is a member of Lady Miyako's group all along. Ryu, however, shoots Nezu. He fakes his death and later comes back.

He later tries to shoot Akira before he can be taken into the Colonel's custody. He misses and shoots Takashi in the head, instantly killing him. He was in turn shot and killed by the Colonel's men.

It was Takashi's death at his hands that ignited the destruction of Neo-Tokyo by Akira.