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"Oh, flames of purity, raze this corrupt city!"
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The Neo-Tokyo Military Hospital is a massive skyscraper, standing at least a kilometer tall. It is used as the main base of operations for the military in Neo-Tokyo, and the location for where they house the subjects of the human experiments meant to harness psychic powers. Underneath the building lies the central wiring shaft, a vast conglomeration of wires, pipes and sewage discharge canals keeping the building functioning. It is unknown if all of the mega-skyscrapers in Neo-Tokyo functions in this fashion. Considering their immense size and considerable population, it is probably so.


Tetsuo Shima is taken here after his encounter with Takashi. He escapes soon after, but is recaptured when his powers start to overwelm him. He later escapes again during a raid on the building by the Resistance.


Tetsuo is taken here after his encounter with Takashi. He later escapes, but he is recaptured after a battle with a coalition of biker gangs. The hospital is later infiltrated by Shotaro Kaneda and Kei. Tetsuo escapes during this infiltration. After the destruction of Neo-Tokyo, Colonel Shikishima continues to use the ruins of the hospital as a base of operations.


  • There is a room called the Baby Room located within the hospital. It is, presumably, where the Espers resided.