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This page concerns a manga only topic. The topic of this page does not appear in the anime.

Project Juvenile A was set up to study the effects and causes of the powers of people with psychic abilities, the most notable being Akira (Juvenile A), and later Tetsuo Shima.

Among other things, they discover, that Tetsuo is the first one after World War III with psychic powers after the Japanese government relaunched again, explicitly saying that the others, counting from 30 onward, had died in the experiments. It is visited by Tetsuo Shima, when he becomes aware of its existence and talks to its members about these abilities. They advise not to attack the psychics to the American Admiral that set them up, but they are ignored in the end.

Its members survived the events and meet again in Neo Tokyo and, after he confrontation with the Great Akira Empire, they wonder if Akira is still alive.