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Ryusaku (竜作 Ryūsaku), or Ryu for short, is a comrade of Kei's in the resistance movement who claims to be Kei's brother, but it is implied that this is not the case.


Ryu aided in a terrorist attack on a shopping mall. He was then in charge of the team whose task is to infiltrate the military hospital, and find any information they can on the new subject, Tetsuo Shima. When he shows up, half-dead, in front of Nezu to inform him of the hospital mission's failure, Nezu shoots him in a panic, killing him in the process.


As the story progresses, Ryu abandons his terrorist roots and becomes more heroic, working with George Yamada and guiding Shotaro Kaneda to Akira's chamber where Tetsuo Shima is held up, but battles with alcoholism. After Ryu shoots and "kills" Akira, elevator debris lands on him shortly afterwards, killing him.

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