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SOL preparing a strike

The Satellite Orbital Laser (also referred to as SOL) was a large, orbital weapons platform designed and built by the Japanese during World War III. Its United States counterpart is the FLOYD, a more powerful version.


After Tetsuo Shima's rampage through Neo-Tokyo, and discovery of Akira's dissection, Colonel Shikishima orders the use of SOL to kill Tetsuo. The first shot fired from SOL destroyed Tetsuo's right arm, and interrupted his fight with Shotaro Kaneda. The SOL is destroyed by Tetsuo soon after.


When Tetsuo frees Akira from containment, and is leading him over the ridge of the crater, SOL is used against him, under The Colonel's orders. SOL destroys Tetsuo's right arm in this attack. After Akira destroys Neo-Tokyo, SOL is repurposed to target a point specified using a handheld laser. It is used in an attempt on Tetsuo's life during the Great Tokyo Empire's siege of Lady Miyako's temple.

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