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Takashi (タカシ), designated No. 27, is a member of the Espers, a group of psychic children cared for by the government of Neo-Tokyo. He plays an important role in Tetsuo Shima's psychic awakening as well as Neo-Tokyo's destruction.


Takashi is a young boy with very wrinkled skin and short white hair and has a skinnier body compared to Masaru, who is overweight. Despite having the body of a child, he has premature aging, which makes him appear between his late 40's and early 50's.

While he was in the outside world, Takashi wore a bomber jacket with a circle with a capital 'B' on the left front of his jacket, a dark blue shirt with a yellow collar, dark blue pants and a pair of normal shoes. His clothes were most likely supplied to him by members of the Resistance, who mistook him for Akira.

While living in the Nursery, Takashi wore short-sleeved hospital scrubs with closed-toe slippers worn by medical patients. His outfit is the same as Masaru's.

In flashbacks featuring the Espers, Takashi looked like a young boy with black hair, and he wore a short-sleeved dress shirt with dark shorts supported by suspenders, a pair of knee-high socks, and a pair of children's school shoes.


Takashi is very shy and humble, and a bit of a soft-spoken person. Though he's very reluctant to fight and tries to avoid confrontation if possible, he is a very compassionate person and often feels obliged to help if there are people in danger. It is clear that he only attacked and killed Mozu out of self-defense, and apologized to her even after Mozu died. When Mozu's friend Sakaki confronted him over this, Takashi felt regret and still believed he did what he had to do.

Takashi is close friends with the Espers. While he maintains a good relationship with all of them, he is closest to Kiyoko, a fellow Esper, relying on her for guidance. Because of her physical frailty, Takashi is very protective of Kiyoko, and her safety is seen as first priority above all else. After Takashi is accidentally shot by Nezu, his death psychically traumatized his friends, leaving them to grieve for the rest of the manga.


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Takashi's main ability is psychokinesis. While not as powerful as Tetsuo's or Akira's, his powers are still formidable enough to overcome lesser psychics. When he was attacked by Mozu, one of Lady Miyako's young followers, he was able to resist her psychic powers and used his psychokinesis to blow up her mind, rendering her clinically brain-dead.

All Espers, including Takashi, have the ability to sense other psychics. He and his friends were able to help Colonel Shikishima locate the missing Akira after he was awoken from cryogenic sleep.

In the third volume of the manga, it is revealed that all Espers are connected to each other by a psychic link, allowing them to communicate with each other without words. With Takashi's death, it is apparent that when one dies, the others suffer from extremely painful psychic shock, which, in Akira´s case led him to destroy Neo-Tokyo.


  • The name Takashi is written in katakana (タカシ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (孝, 隆, 崇 or 尊), it could possibly mean:
    • 孝 - "filial piety, obedience".
    • 隆 - "noble, prosperous".
    • 崇 - "esteem, honor, venerate".
    • 尊 - "revered, valuable, precious, noble, exalted".


  • Takashi's anime incarnation is notable for being alive, as the manga had been unfinished at the time of its production and was instead abridged due to its length. As such, some scenes were completely rewritten or left out, such as the scene where Nezu accidentally shot him.
  • Much like both version Takashi is responsible for the whole series when he destroys Tetsuo's bike causing to have psychic powers and destroys part of Tokyo.