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This page concerns a manga only topic. The topic of this page does not appear in the anime.
"Oh, flames of purity, raze this corrupt city!"
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Tetsuo's Aide, known only by the title of Captain (隊長 Taichō), is an opportunist posing as a fanatical devotee of Tetsuo Shima, who serves him as his aide-de-camp late in the story but secretly desires control of the Great Tokyo Empire. In the manga, he doesn't appear until after the destruction of Neo-Tokyo, and he plays no role in the anime.


Tetsuo's aide is always seen dressed in a suit and tie, and with his hair styled into a pompadour.


After the destruction of Neo-Tokyo, Tetsuo's aide ingratiates himself to his new master under the guise of being a fervant follower of Tetsuo and Akira. However, he has no true devotion to either figure and is more interested in a seat of power in the fledgling Great Tokyo Empire. He performs acts to placate Tetsuo, but at the same time schemes behind his back. Without Tetsuo's permission or approval, he organizes an armed force and leads an attack on Lady Miyako's temple, but is forced to turn tail and retreat when the attack ultimately fails.

When the aide finally feels it's time to turn on Tetsuo and plots to kill him, he discovers Kaori he realizes that Kaori has learned of his plan and shoots her in the back, killing her. During the confrontation between Tetsuo and the U.S. Marines, the aide is caught in the crossfire and is ultimately killed by the bacterial gas George Yamada uses.