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"Physically Fit Juvenile Delinquents"

"The Capsules" was a non-canon name given to the teenage vigilante bōsōzoku gang that resided in Neo-Tokyo. Both founded and led by Shotaro Kaneda, the Capsules consisted of a loose group of friends including Kaneda himself, Tetsuo Shima, Yamagata, Kaisuke, Kuwata, Watanabe and Takeyama The Capsules have a deep rivalry with the Clowns biker gang.

The group is involved in various criminal activities, including drug dealing, vandalism and, being a biker gang, reckless driving and endangerment.


Right to left: Yamagata, Kaisuke, Kaneda, Kuwata, Watanabe, Takeyama

All members of the gang are present in the film, but only Kaneda, Tetsuo, Yamagata, and Kaisuke are given significant dialogue. Kuwata, Watanabe, and Takeyama were made in instance of the film and only talk for a small portion.

We first meet Kaneda, Yamagata, and Tetsuo in and around their regular hangout. Later joined with Kaisuke, they quickly become embroiled in a battle against The Clowns and then taken into military custody for violating martial law after Tetsuo's accident.

After being sent back to the Eighth District Youth Vocational Training School by the officials, the group plays little to no further role in the story of Akira. They appear in further scenes at this school, and on nights out, but are heard to have disbanded at some point after Kaneda becomes involved with the Resistance.


We meet Kaneda and his gang members at the very beginning as they discover the site where a massive explosion annihilated Tokyo while exploring the streets of Neo-Tokyo. The group appears large, containing 12 visible followers, but only 5 appear frequently.

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