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"Oh, flames of purity, raze this corrupt city!"
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Tokyo, 1988

Tokyo was once the major, capital city of the archipelago nation of Japan before its destruction by Akira. The ruins were mostly abandoned, with only a crater left in its place, and Neo-Tokyo was constructed on an artificial island in Tokyo Bay in order to replace it as the capital city.

Although the events leading up to its demise differ slightly between the anime and the manga version, it remains consistent that the city was teleported to another dimension by Akira when he engulfs it in a ball of energy, effectively destroying it. The incident was officially reported as an atomic bomb detonation, triggering World War III as a result later.

Tokyo (Anime)[]

Tokyo is destroyed by Akira on the 16th of July 1988, as a result of losing control of his psychic powers.

Tokyo (Manga)[]

Tokyo is destroyed by Akira on the 6th of December 1982, (1992 in the English version), and was reconstructed as Neo-Tokyo afterwards. But it was destroyed again thirty years later by Akira in retaliation to Nezu accidentally shooting Takashi through the head.

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  • One of the largest portions of Tokyo included the Shibuya District.
  • Tokyo is located a bit more south than Rome (the capital of Italy).
  • Tokyo Metropolis had a population of 13,929,286 (June 2019).
  • Greater Tokyo is the most populous urbanized area in the world with 38,140,000 people (January, 2017).


  • The 2020 Olympic Games were planned to be held in Tokyo, but in real life as in the story they were not held.