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Yamagata (山形) was a member of the biker gang led by Shotaro Kaneda. He served as Kaneda's right-hand man.


Yamagata is unusually strong and tall for his age, standing at 188 cm. He is rather muscular, having broad shoulders and a large, somewhat menacing appearance. In the anime he wears a red shirt with ripped sleeves, and using bandages over his forearms. Over his shirt, he wears a grey tank top depicting a symbol of the Rising Sun Flag (a controversial choice due to the flag's association with the 20th Century Japanese imperialism). He wears a similar outfit in the manga.


Yamagata is the brashest of the group. He has little manners and consideration towards others, especially adults. Like all other members of his gang he has little to no respect for authority figures. He tends to a more violent and destructive approach, using a club to slam rival gang members off their bikes.


Very little is known of Yamagata, with him only having a few lines and nothing is known of his past. He became the member of the Capsules sometime before the events of Akira.


In the beginning Yamagata and Tetsuo follow Kaneda in their common battle against the Clown gang before he is later arrested by security forces regarding their appearance near Takashi, who they were searching for. After that he is killed by Tetsuo Shima at the Harukiya bar after he confronts Tetsuo about his strange behavior and questions his involvement in the murder of the bartender.


In volume one, he is killed by Tetsuo after trying to shoot him during the biker battle. Afterwards, in an attempt to seek retribution for his death, Kaneda shoots Tetsuo, only for him to recover from the bullet wound shortly after.

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